How To Place Your Order

  1. Download the order form (choose Excel or Google Sheets version).  If using google sheets, click “File → Make a Copy” to edit. 

  2. Fill out your order information.  Be sure to select your preferred pickup site.  Unless you prefer to pay by credit card, leave the Online Bank Transfer payment method selected.

  3. Read and accept the customer agreements.

  4. Fill out the red column (“Enter Your Order Quantity Here”)  with the quantity of each item you’d like.  Leave blank any items you don’t want.  Please do not reformat the sheet or add any columns or rows. 

  5. If placing a special order for other items from the vendor catalogs, carefully fill out the special order section according to the instructions.

  6. Email us your completed form along with your sales tax exemption form to  

  7. Look for a quickbooks invoice within 1-5 days.  Once you receive and digitally pay the invoice, your order is complete.