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Nolt’s Produce Supply and Nolt’s Greenhouse Supply, PA

Comprehensive supplier of field supplies like row cover, irrigation, mulch, hand tools, and more, plus full greenhouse supply line.  

Full Catalog - NPS:

Full Catalog - NGS:

Discounts available:  Average 16% when shipping is factored in

Lakeview Organic Seed

Vendor of organic field & cover crop seed.  

Full Catalog:

Discounts available: Average 15% when shipping is factored in

Additional discounts for a full pallet order (50 bags)


Small Farm Works, WI

Paper pot transplanters and accessories.

Full catalog:

Discounts available: 5% off paper pots and transplanters, free shipping on all items.


Kreher Family Farms, NY, supplied by CaroVail

Producer of pelleted chicken manure-based fertilizers.  

Full catalog:

Discounts available: Truckload pricing plus shipping savings 

Discounts available: 20% per bag when shipping is factored in


Ednie Bulb, NJ

Reseller of bulb crates for harvesting/packing.


Progressive Grower, MA

Organic and conventional amendments, sprays, soil conditioners, cover crop seed.  Also carry field and greenhouse supplies.  

Full catalog:

Discounts available: Range of discounts available; averaging 20%.

Neversink Tools

Winstrip trays and other market garden tools.

33% savings on winstrip trays if order minimum is met.

Johnny's Seeds

Despite being known primarily for their seeds, Johnny's provides a number of harvest tools, particularly harvest knives and bags.

Full catalog:

Discounts available: 10% on most items, barring shipping surcharges

Vermont Compost, VT

Potting soil and compost blends.

10% savings above fall discount prices, or 25%+ savings on full retail price.

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