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Vermont Compost and Potting Soil Fall Bulk Order

The Vermont Compost Bulk Order brings you steeply discounted potting soil prices by filling full truckloads and consolidating shipping to 2 locations.  This year, we are able to save each participating farm between 20 and 30% off retail pricing + the cost of shipping direct.

We are happy to note that, while Vermont Compost prices have gone up significantly in 2023, the bulk order prices have gone down in price since last year!


This program works by filling full truckloads, and we will do so on a first-come, first-serve basis.  That means if we have orders for 3 full truckloads plus 4 pallets, the last person to order will not be able to get those 4 pallets through the program.  The bulk orders have a way of working out, and we will do our best to include all purchases, but please note that the orders will close once the trucks are full, so do get your order in early if you can.

Orders will close when full, or by Nov. 10.

How To Place Your Order

  1. Click on the Order Form link that will direct you to make a copy of the sheet. 

  2. Fill out your order information.  Be sure to select your preferred pickup site.  Unless you prefer to pay by credit card, leave the Online Bank Transfer payment method selected.

  3. Fill out the green column (“Enter Your Order Quantity Here”)  with the quantity of each item you’d like.  Leave blank any items you don’t want.  Please do not reformat the sheet or add any columns or rows. 

  4. Email us, or share your completed form with  You can also share the sheet with us directly. 

  5. If you are a new customer, you will also need to fill out the sales tax exemption form and include that in your email.  Note: farmers in NY state do not need to register to be sales tax exempt; simply fill out the affidavit and sign.

  6. Look for a quickbooks invoice within 7 days.  Once you receive and digitally pay the invoice, your order is complete.

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